Embracing the Journey




CrossFit Solus is more than just a place to workout. It’s a family of coaches and athletes who support, encourage and push each to be better versions of themselves. It’s a very inclusive gym and it’s something new every day. The best part is there is no thinking to it-you come in everyday and every thing you need to know and do is written out and explained for you by your coach. Don’t be afraid to come start-no matter what level you start out there is something for everyone! CrossFit Solus is definitely worth the investment in your health and the best part is you will meet some amazing, lifelong friends along the way!



I joined CrossFit Solus almost a year and a half ago and it has been a life changing experience. Before attending my 1st workout, I was afraid that it would be too hard for me and that I was too old. I was totally mistaken. The membership has ages from kids all the way to 70 years old! The coaches are all great and will work with everyone to tailor a workout that will suit their physical level, age level or any limitation one may have. The support that I have received from all of the other attendees has been perhaps the most fantastic surprise of all. The atmosphere of camaraderie, fellowship and encouragement from those working out with you is overwhelming. This place is great and the coaches and ownership are awesome!!! Thanks CrossFit Solus!



Working out with the coaches and other members at Solus is always fun! Everyone is so encouraging, the workouts are always different and challenging. The coaches are great at teaching every fitness level. I have been a member of a few different gyms over the years, but none have been as supportive and fun as Solus!



CrossFit Solus has an amazing team of coaches (and members), whose primary goals include support, comrade, encouragement, fun, & a wide variety of class options and exercises designed to improve strength & flexibility. I have a crazy unpredictable work schedule, but can easily manage to find classes I WANT to attend. My goal for my aging body is to increase muscle mass. Have already made small gains with that. What I didn’t expect to also claim was new friends and an increase in self confidence and joy!



When I started going to CrossFit Solus I had not worked out or heck even been in a gym more than 5 times in the last 20 years. To say I was out of shape is to put it mildly. I started in order to get in shape and motivate my family. What I did not expect was the community spirit at Solus, from the owners to the coaches and all the members. It is truly refreshing how open and encouraging everyone is. My goal was to start and work out for 3 months. The community aspect is why I am still going 4 years later. If you are on the fence or worried about your current fitness level just start. Once you do you will love it.



If you are looking for a gym family… this is it. CrossFit Solis is a wonderful workout facility with great, qualified coaches. Wether you are fit or haven’t worked out in awhile, you belong here. Your workout will be customized to your ability and level. Can’t say enough wonderful things about my gym!!!
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