Chris Mobbs

Chris Mobbs

Sub Coach

Squat: 405

Deadlift: 485

C&J: 285

Snatch: 225


CrossFit Level 1

NASM trainer Certified

ACE trainer Certified

Precision Nutrition Certified

About Coach

I grew up playing sports of all kinds. I played baseball, football, golf, tennis, cross country, and powerlifting. Ive always had good work ethic when it came to sports, but as I've gotten older that's developed into all aspects of my life (that's probably my biggest accomplishment from sports).

Turning Point

My first turning point came from having my 9 year old girl, Avory. The idea of being a father was such an overwhelming idea at first, but through hard things I only became better. A better father, a better worker, a better student, etc... It forced me to eventually see life through a different lense. I've learned that taking care of my family actually starts at home base (me). In order for me to provide my best self and set the best examples, I have to be at my best and optimal self. My health and mental health have a direct correlation with the health of my family.

Motivation & Passion

My true purpose for coaching is to serve those around me with knowledge in order to potentially provide the same impact that it provided me. CrossFit Solus was a great place for me to not benefit from the workouts and accountability, but the community and friends I've made are priceless. Truly, my home away from home.

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